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Free delivery Australia-wide on all subscription wax orders!

By subscribing to an automated delivery of surf wax, you and your crew can save $ and be guaranteed the best wax job every time you go out on a wave.

We have 3, 6 and 12 monthly subscriptions available so you don’t even have to think about wax all year round. We can custom combine your orders according to your annual surfing plans.

Save $123 an order with our 48 bar subscription packs!

Grab a Froth® Surf Wax subscription and save big on our range of surf waxes. We have a subscription to suit all water temps and preferences.

24x Tropical Surf Wax

24x Warm Water Surf Wax

8x Tropical Surf Wax

8x Warm Water Surf Wax

8x Cool Water Surf Wax

8x Cold Water Surf Wax

8x All Water Extra Sticky Surf Wax

8x Super Sticky Comp. Wax

12x Cool Water Surf Wax

12x Cold Water Surf Wax

12x All Water Extra Sticky Surf Wax

12x Super Sticky Comp. Wax

Custom Wax Packs

Our custom wax packs allow you to put together your ideal range of surf waxes. Simply click on the link below and select your quantity, then pick-n-mix the waxes you’d like included in your custom pack!

8 bars – $40 (save $8)

16 bars – $72 (save $24)

32 bars – $128 (save $64)

48 bars – $168 (save $120)

Build a Custom Wax Pack