About Froth Surf Wax

Advanced Surf Technology®

North Narrabeen Wax Co has been passionate about surf wax since 1973. Just like all professional sports people, surfers deserve access to the best quality products to give them the surf of a lifetime every time.

We have produced waxes for every water temperature, every water quality and every surfer.

Our dedication to superior quality products has never wavered, 8 years of research and development and the use of only the best quality products available have meant Froth® Surf wax is the best surf wax you will ever use.

Custom Surf Wax

The Froth® Surf brand was created in 2012 to take our technically superior surf wax to the world.

We also produce limited runs of our cult brand Stick It Surf Wax® available only at Manly Beach Longboarder, and custom surf wax runs are also available at My Surf Wax with your own personal logos, great for cafes in surf locations or promoting your products or services.


Froth® Surf wax uses the best quality products to ensure you have a brilliant surf every time.

We have created a membrane system that ensures silt and algae has virtually no build up in your wax, which normally causes it to become slippery, dirty and smudge on your board.

Usually with other waxes you would need to use a wax comb to bring back the required traction in your wax. Froth® Surf wax does not need to be wax combed. If applied correctly it will not smudge or get bare patches appearing on the deck. Just a quick fluff up of a little bit more wax between surfs is all you need.

We have NO petroleum jelly (i.e. Vaseline) or plastics in our formula.

Froth® Surf wax is designed not to melt off your board even in the car or in your board bag on a hot summers day. This unique membrane formula means that Froth® Surf wax is longer lasting, stays whiter longer and won’t leach oils into the ocean. Our wax will give you traction on your board up to 6 times longer than other wax brands.

Going Green

There is a lot of talk about ‘organic’ and ‘green‘ waxes. Please don’t be fooled. After years of research and more testing of surf wax than you ever thought was humanly possible, we have discovered the huge loopholes in the “organic wax” industry. Sure, waxes occur naturally, but those waxes are generally not suited to surf wax application for a number of reasons, most notably their naturally low melting point.

Bees wax is too hard and needs softening agents, coconut oil melts very quickly and at low temperatures, soy wax is a GMO seed product, extremely petrochemical reliant in planting and harvesting and consumes a lot of water to produce on land that should be used for growing food and not to mention the chemicals needed to pull the wax from the bean. Anyone who says they use ‘organic non GMO’ soy beans for wax production is quite simply deluded. Over 90% of soy beans are GMO, the less than 10% of genuine organic soy beans would be too valuable for human consumption as food to be blended up into wax. The reality is GMO soy beans are cheap for a reason..

We have been advised by a friend of ours, who is a Marine Biologist specialising in coral reefs, and who happens to be a hard core surfer, that waxes containing soy are extremely harmful to the environment due to their propensity to release oestrogen into the ocean. Oestrogen is a disruptive hormone that is known to kill coral reefs. These are the same reefs we surfers NEED to give us the perfect waves we all seek.

Our paraffin product, of which we only use a small amount, is found in chocolate, on polished fruit and in many food products that you consume on most days, our softening agent is used in baking and moisturizing cosmetics, our fillers are used in baby products around the world. We have created a surf wax that is technically superior in its application and that lasts longer, therefore reducing the amount you will need to use over a lifetime. In an industry that struggles to reduce its toxic footprint, we have done everything we can to produce a product that works, lasts and is non-toxic.

So we ask before you get hoodwinked into believing this “Organic” Green rhetoric, do your research.

We have done everything we can to ensure the products we use in manufacturing our surf wax are food grade quality and combined in such a way that they are inert and non-reactive in the environment, biodegradable and compostable.