Froth Surf Waxes

Our Range of Surf Wax

Check out our wide range of high-quality surf waxes below. We’ve got waxes for all conditions and styles, so you’re sure to find something you like!

Super Sticky

Designed for competitive surfing for super grip, top coat for every day and super cold water temperatures

Very long lasting base coat surf wax, ideal for tropical surfing. Most durable tropical wax on the market.

Can be used as a single coat, ideal with tropical base coat, or as a base coat in colder conditions.

Very versatile medium soft surf wax, can be used in winter or summer conditions. Not too sticky, not too hard.

Softer sticky wax, can be used all year round for surfers who prefer a much more sticky traction.

Our best selling, unique formula that ensures a great surf any time of the year in any water conditions.

Easy application softer wax in bright pink. Not just for the girls, we think boys look great in pink too!

Unique blend of glow in the dark pigment. Charge up during the day, light up your board at night.